very sparkling aperol spritz

very sparkling aperol spritz | marina gunn
very sparkling aperol spritz | marina gunn

As crazy as it may sound, last Christmas the entire state of Idaho ran OUT of aperol. My mom, rightfully so, was in distress since she had been wanting to make them for our holiday parties. I’m guessing the Idahoans reallllly like their aperol spritzes, especially when it gets cold, which is why this is the perfect after-work/pre-party/party/post-party drink. Or just because, you do you.

And if you’re not up to getting everything for the recipe, all you need is a mini-bottle of prosecco and a Italian Spritz Carry-On Cocktail Kit and you’re good to go! Perfect holiday companion, second to family and food of course, but definitely a solid team player.




very sparkling aperol spritz

serving: 1 glass


build your drink in a ice-filled glass. add aperol, prosecco, and top with an orange peel!

it’s that easy. enjoy!

non alcoholic version: sub in sparkling water and-extra orange juice and enjoy!


1 oz aperol

4 oz prosecco

1 orange (use a vegetable peeler to make the orange wheel)