Valentine's Day Gifts under $100

For this post, I talked with Frank and got his input on gifts he's liked receiving in the past as well as items he has his eye on. He's a unique guy because he loves adventure and sports, so I've gifted Nike shoes, athletic watches and clothes, but he is also sentimental. He loves the gifts I've given that are unique and hand-crafted, so that is how I'll split up the post today - a section for quick and easy gifts to buy as well as gifts for the person who loves thoughtfulness and sentimentality. 

For the Adventurer:

These are gifts that your guy is sure to love. Mont Blanc is Frank's favorite cologne and there are plenty of travel sizes for plenty of different colognes. The duffel is great for weekend getaways and adventures you both may go on. 

For the Entertainer:

A chemex for the coffee lover and some personalized mugs for the guy who is always the life of the party. Throw in the cocktail cookbook, some mixers and bubbly and you have a perfect night in. 

The Sentimental Guy:

In the past I have always made Frank's Valentine's Day gifts because I think it shows that you put a lot of effort and thought into the gift. A while ago I engraved a special message inside of a watch and he wears it everyday. I also bought a leather notebook one year and wrote notes and included photos from our years together to tell a little love story. 

Whatever you decide to do, because it's from you, he's bound to love it. 

Good luck!