sunday morning, no. 1

Sunday Morning, No. 1

Happy Sunday everyone! So excited to start this new series on my site every Sunday with links to recipes that caught my eye as well as thoughts, musings, and fun times. 

Most of this past week was spent working from home in Atlanta, spending time with Frank’s family, and coming off the Florida vacation high from last week! We enjoying our time in the ‘in-between’ in Atlanta until we move to Athens, and we are almost to August 1st aka move-in day! We’ll be balancing work, cake orders, and moving in all at once (send us some positive vibes, we’re gonna need it.)

Once we move into our apartment in Athens, I’ll be heading off to NYC to spend a week in my office there and visiting some friends as well. Even though we’ve only been gone a month and a half, it feels like forever and I’m glad to be heading back for a visit soon.  

Also! The highlight of the week: I get to bake two beautiful vanilla lemon cakes for a friend of a friend’s mom’s 50th birthday party. I’m already testing recipes and cannot wait to make something sweet for such a happy special occasion. 

Here are a few links to things that caught my eye this week:

What I’m making/baking/eating this week:

  • Lots of salads, like this one and this one! I’m going to start reintroducing Fodmap foods again soon and I’m excited to see what I can add to my plate next. Crossing my fingers for strawberries, eggplant, and maybe a fig or two? Been craving those most lately.
  • I'm also testing out vanilla cake recipes for my cake orders, Frank is over the moon about it since they’re full of gluten and dairy, I’m going to have to trust his testing and tasting skills for sure. 

Other musings/updates/jountings

  • It’s plastic free July! My friend Morgan and I are holding a giveaway for Plastic Free July with Stasher Bag and Healthy Human Life. It’s my first giveaway on my Instagram and we’re overjoyed to share the products with you. They are doing so much to conserve the planet and reduce plastic use, they’re 100% worth checking out. 
  • Trying to balance my food intolerances with baking and cooking for people without them is a big challenge that comes with the good and the bad. I have to really trust the technique and instincts of cooking and baking since I can’t taste test, but it makes the whole occasion even more fun so I can’t complain much.  
  • Frank's uncle Tony and I are planning our very first organic garden together in the next month or so! I can't wait to share updates and photos with you all. If we could just produce one tiny baby carrot, I'd be overjoyed. Any tips/tricks? We're thinking a raised bed garden and also tinkering with the idea of keeping bees as well. Channeling my inner green thumb to produce something that slightly resembles this. 
  • Today is Day 75 without coffee and I will be writing about my experience this week. Send any questions my way, or leave them in the comments below.

Do you guys have any cooking or baking questions that have been on your mind or dishes you want to cook? Let me know in the comments, send me an email, or DM me on Instagram, I’d be more than happy to help! 

- Marina