guess what!


you guys!!  

we love nyc, our friends up here, the long strolls up six flights of stairs (lol), and our favorite diner on sunday mornings. our past year here has been a dream, but this past month georgia has been calling us back in full force... so weโ€™re trusting ourselves AND MOVING TO ATHENS!

frank (at his new job!) will be working with all his friends at georgia football as a creative brand executive, working with students, the team, and with UGA focusing on their creative vision. i honestly couldn't be more proud. unsurprisingly, his heart never left lumpkin ave. so catch us in georgia this july! we even have a cute apartment at five points already!

i'll be working remotely for my job in nyc and continuing to write recipes and everything on the side in our sweet little kitchen, but now i get to share food with so many more friends and family. 

wahoo iโ€™m so excited and grateful i could scream! 

can't wait for more details to come.

- marina