Shut The Kale Up | The Power of the Millennial Mom on Instagram

As an Instagram junkie, the day I stumbled upon Jeanette Ogden's account, Shut The Kale Up, I was so excited. My best friend Maddie has been obsessed with her for a while now and I started keeping up with her posts and stories on a daily basis.

With a over 100,000 followers, STKU is a mother to Elliott Grey, fitness enthusiast and a health foodie. Her posts consist of promoted posts, personal posts, posts of Elliott and food photos she takes herself. 

As a mother, STKU has mastered the balance between spending time with her husband, Elliott, eating healthy and staying fit. Like many other mothers, this is the dream. Getting paid to cook healthy food, workout, and post about them all on social - what more could you ask for? Many mothers (especially those who live in California) have joined this elite group of InstaFoodies.

What sets STKU apart from the other InstaMoms is her use of Instagram Stories. She gives a real life view of her day, from crying babies to burning her food to running around with errands. She doesn't try to hide her life as a mother and uses it to her advantage to further her brand as a holistic health enthusiast.

She has opened my eyes to a plethora of different foods like Bonefide Provisions bone broth, Wallaby kefir, Healthade kombucha, and Siggi's Icelandic Yogurt. With her unique and interesting recipes, STKU makes eating healthy a fun venture and encourages everyone to love the body they have.

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