The Power of Revolve


Last week I wrote my brand comparison paper on the differences between Revolve and ShopBop based on their social media strategies. Revolve won over ShooBop without a wince. With its beginnings in the late 2000s Revolve has emerged as an e-commerce powerhouse with upcoming household individuals such as Tash Oakley & Olivia Culpo endorsing their brand, wearing Revolve clothing & traveling around the world with the Revolve social team documenting their every outfit and adventure. This past summer Tash & Devin (the creators of A Bikini A Day) traveled to Italy & Revolve clothed & documented their experiences. While still promoting fashion trends & forward looking outfits, Revolve is quickly positioning themselves as a lifestyle brand and gaining an immense number of social followers due to their adventurous hearts & wild spirits.

By creating this lifestyle brand, Revolve is rising above its competitors because not only does it cover clothing, but it also serves as an influence for consumers. Revolve Clothing has consistent and strong visual imagery on cross-platform content. On Instagram they continually post high quality photos highlighting their collaborations with the fashion blogger community. Each blogger holds a large social following and as they collaborate with Revolve, the brand gains those followers as well. With celebrities like Jessica Alba and Alessandra Ambrosio, Revolve gains the high esteem of the famous actresses and models.

Check it out for yourself: