Why Millennial Women Trust @juliahengel


Unless you have been hiding away from social media for the past 5 years, you have undoubtedly noticed the market saturation of social media fashion or beauty bloggers on Instagram and Snapchat. Girls with tag lines such as Sincerely Jules or Gal Meets Glam are now modeling for clothing companies like Revolve and Nordstrom. But why are they suddenly so popular? Well first off, these fashion bloggers took advantage of the growing young social media savvy audience.

As teenagers, we were told women in magazines were fake and made up, so when women started promoting themselves on social media, younger women began flocking to them and mimicking their style and habits in unusually ways. This is because Instagram and snapchat have given us unusual trust in the bloggers we follow. We see the vulnerable side of the bloggers on snapchat with their posts such as how they wish they were at the VMAS or what their recent cheat meal at Chipotle.

Among the fashion blogger community, Julia Engel takes the cake as the most well known. Julia has a strong presence on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and her personal fashion and beauty blog galmeetsglam.com.

From personal experience, I have purchased at least 5 items that she posted on Instagram and linked to her Shopstyle account to make it easy for women(or boyfriends) to buy clothes and accessories.

Here's a little look at how Julia leverages social media to reach her followers and sell those items (which ultimately makes her money).

Snapchat - Julia uses snapchat to show a behind the scenes look at her photo shoots and day to day life. She recently started a series on snapchat where her & her  husband answer questions posed about their lives. She calls it 8 eyes on the pink couch (so cute, I know). 

Instagram - her primary platform has just under 1 million followers. This is where posts blog links, brand promotions and beautiful photos taken by her uber adorable husband (@tberolz). 


Gal Meets Glam - her original platform. With posts back to her college days, Julia has always had a personal style, classy meets trendy, and expresses this through her posts.


All in all, Julia’s social presence is only growing. And with a reported $1 million a year in revenue & a newly launched platform for travel blogging with her husband, her prominence and influence doesn’t seem to be diminishing soon.