spring pea, radish + feta salad

It is officially spring and I am writing this post from our little porch off our apartment. I forget how fresh air and sunshine can really brighten your mood and workday. I’ve been sitting outside this past week getting work done and loving every second.

With sunshine comes flowers, warmer weather and SPRING VEGETABLES! This recipe is inspired by my newfound love for radishes (seen here) and what you’d be able to find at your local farmers market this time of year.

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carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and date caramel (gluten-free + vegan)

There are few people as dedicated and loving as my friend Avery Hudson. She is loyal, loving, and steadfast in her friendship and uplifting nature. AKA she makes everyone feel like a super star. So when she asked me last week to make her mom a carrot cake, I was so so excited!!! Because in a lot of ways, Avery is a carrot cake.

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very sparkling aperol spritz

As crazy as it may sound, last Christmas the entire state of Idaho ran OUT of aperol. My mom, rightfully so, was in distress since she had been wanting to make them for our holiday parties. I’m guessing the Idahoans reallllly like their aperol spritzes, especially when it gets cold, which is why this is the perfect after-work/pre-party/party/post-party drink. Or just because, you do you.

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