Marina Gunn

hi! i’m so happy you’re here.

i'm marina. i like to cook, bake, and make food for people i love.

i recently moved athens, ga from new york city with my fiancé, frank! i'm originally from my small town of coeur d'alene, idaho, which is (in my humble opinion) the most beautiful sleepy winter town in the world. 

living in nyc and working in a tiny kitchen gave my a big appreciation for family, space, and really really food. i'm thankful i can keep in touch with what makes me happiest—cooking, baking, and feeding people that i love!

i graduated from the university of georgia with a degree in marketing and public relations and i'm currently working for a creative studio by day + cooking/writing by night, which is a blast + a challenge at once. 

ever since i was a little girl, i have loved to bake and cook (my mom owns a culinary store + olive oil company, so shocker!). my passion has only grown with age and i'm so excited to share it with you all. 

you'll also hear me mention frank, he is my sweet fiancé + the reason i'm always smiling. he's a talented videographer too!

follow along for good food, adventures, and failures.

so happy you stopped by (!!!)

Marina Gunn

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my favorite foods:

all potatoes because i'm an idaho gal, artichokes, avocados, bagels + lox, brie cheese, bruschetta, chocolate, coconut yogurt, cucumbers, dill pickles, wine, hazelnuts, hummus, labneh, pita, radishes, salmon, sweet potatoes

my not-so-favorite foods/things 

anchovies, sardines, corned beef,


things i like:

anything italian, sunday morning breakfast, motown music, peanut butter cups, farmers markets, little nyc diners esp. the mansion, fall + christmas time, our cat named squirrel, gardens, lilacs + leafy greens, vintage clothes, cozy corners